If you don't like tacos, can we even be friends?

In all seriousness, there's definitely someone out there who doesn't like tacos. I can't quite imagine it, as they're one of the world's most perfect foods, right up there with pizza. And at this point, they're practically universal. They've come a long way from the greasy, soggy thing that got tossed onto my cafeteria tray when I was a kid.

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These days, tacos are a fusion food. Meaning, you see it in many different styles and ethnicities in cooking. You see Asian tacos, dessert tacos... all kinds of stuff. And while Southern Maine may have all these things in abundance, northern folks have a few less choices. But the ones there are, happen to be awesome.

Mainely Tacos has now opened for the season.


Whether you're a local in the greater Bangor area and don't mind a quick drive to Hampden, or you're a tourist making their way up or down Route 1A, Mainely Tacos has a little something for everyone. Obviously tacos, but also quesadillas, burritos, street fries, and churros.

Churros sprinkled with sugar held in a paper cone

Their current location is at 9 Main Road, in Hampden. However, MT has been known to hit the road in the summer time and hit some fairs and festivals. Current hours have been from around 11:00am - 5:00pm, but those are subject to change, especially when the weather gets a bit warmer, then they're usually open a bit later.

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In the off-season, they're still pretty active, and have been known to just pop up in different places. Sometimes slinging food at a Christmas tree farm, other times parked directly outside a cannabis dispensary, which obviously a brilliant move. At any rate, they're open for the season, and ready to take your order!

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