Not that we're in any hurry whatsoever.

We may only be a few short days into autumn and even though we're sitting pretty here in September (literally, look at the leaves), we know what awaits us around the corner.  Messy commutes, back breaking shoveling, and high heating bills.  Yes, Old Man Winter is out there, smiling down upon us with a high anticipation to "unleash" his fury over the Pine Tree State.


Now unlike others, you may indeed be in a hurry for the first snowfall of the season, after all there's plenty to do in this neck of the woods during the cold winter months.  Snowmobiling, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and hitting someone square in the forehead with a mushy snowball.

But for others, the first snowfall of the season can wait, if not happen at all.

Anyway, chances are good that it will snow this winter.  But, when will the first measurable amount of snowfall actually happen?  Looking back over the records, it's hard to tell.

Here's when the very first measurable snowfall has happened over the past seven years, according to

11/08/2019  Amount: .21 of an inch.
11/20/2018  Amount: .01 of an inch.
12/10/2017  Amount: .34 of an inch.
11/22/2016  Amount: .01 of an inch.
12/27/2015  Amount: .06 of an inch
11/02/2014  Amount: .21 of an inch
In 2013 it really didn't snow at all until March of 2014.

So after looking at the data, the date that you'll officially see white in Bangor is, well, anyone's guess, we guess.

And if you're wondering when snowfall will "peak" this winter, according to, that would be January 9th, when the average daily snowfall for that day is 1.4 inches.

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