Just when you thought we'd get off scot free this winter.

Don't put away the thermal underwear and long winter socks just yet, as it looks like Mother Nature is going to provide a reminder of exactly what a Maine winter is really supposed to be like.

The National Weather Service informs us that there's a 50 to 60% chance of below average temperatures for our state between this coming Sunday and Thursday of next week.

This means that by at least Monday night, we'll more than likely end up with below zero temperatures during the overnight hours across the greater Bangor and eastern Maine areas. Can you hear the furnace running yet?

Pair up what the National Weather Service tells us with that of what @PWMmeWX posted to Twitter yesterday, and it looks like a few very cold overnights coming up between February 14th and the 18th as we'll experience subzero temperatures.

During February, the average high temperature for the Bangor area is 31 degrees, with the average low being 10 degrees. Yes, we've been spoiled so far, and it looks like soon we'll be paying the price as below normal temps will be arriving next week.

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