If you are looking for a place to getaway from the littles or maybe just want to be sure your childless lifestyle isn't cramped while enjoying camping here in Maine, check out some of these spots across the State of Maine that offer less convenience in the great Maine outdoors.

Criteria for these locations really focused on creating as little convenience as possible- meaning no wifi, maybe no phone service and, if possible, hard to reach and secluded. The aim was the same: a place where adults can enjoy camping.  You figure the more amenities the more likely a family would bring the kids.  So, we searched for more primitive camping experiences where you can pitch a tent and maybe even bring the dog.

Luckily, Maine has plenty of camping areas for those wanting to relax away from children scattered across the state but, you really have to scavenge through the less populated areas in the state order to really get that primitive camping experience.  Most locations are near the northern border of Maine with a few Downeast.

If you are looking to get away from kids for your camping trip this summer, then you'll have to sacrifice the convenience of a short trip to get to your destination.

From the Rangeley Lakes to Machias to the Katahdin areas and beyond, here are 7 camping areas where you are most likely not to be camping around children and enjoy a truly relaxing and back-to-nature Maine camping experience.

Odds Are With You That There Will Be No Kids Camping At These Campgrounds

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