The last time Green Day made the television rounds, they caused quite a stir with an anti-Donald Trump chant at the American Music Awards. They followed it up with a performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and now frontman Billie Joe Armstrong appeared on Conan, armed with just an acoustic guitar to play the gentle "Ordinary World" as seen in the video above.

The track is the last song on Green Day's chart-topping new album, Revolution Radio. Holding up a vinyl copy of the album, host Conan O'Brien gave Armstrong a raucous introduction, but the mood immediately turned somber as he delicately strummed away and delivered the reflective words of "Ordinary World."

Earlier this year, Armstrong appeared in the film Ordinary World, where he took on the lead role as Perry Miller, a man struggling to balance adjusting to daily life after the dissolution of his band. Through more trials and tribulations, he attempts to get the band back together while dealing with more difficulties of his home and personal life.

When Loudwire Nights host Toni Gonzalez spoke with Armstrong about his role in the movie, he stated, "One thing I really related to was that he’s a clumsy parent. My wife is sort of the CEO of the house and I just try to have it together. It’s been on the job training for the last 21 years. So it’s — I just do the best I can and sometimes I fall flat on my face and other times I have the right thing to say at that particular moment. I think the fact that he puts his family first was something I really related to."

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