Hey, maybe he knew it was now bear hunting season here in Maine, and he was hitching a ride out of state!

Like every other beer drinking knuckle draggin' moron, Barstool Sports is one of our favorite sites to follow, and we found this recent posting of a bear traveling in the back of a truck on the Maine turnpike to be interesting, at least initially.

While only paying half attention to the video, one can tell that it looks like a Maine turnpike sign flying by in the background.  Slow or pause the video, and you'll be able to tell that the sign says Wells/Sanford.  That's in Maine, right?

Now pay full attention to the black bear riding along in the back of the truck.  No dog riding in a truck has ever stayed that still, much less a bear.

Yes, the bear is "stuffed."

While it would have been very cool to actually see a Maine black bear riding in the back of a truck on the turnpike, one can only dream, because it wasn't real this time.

Now, back to the pizza reviews.




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