I had heard in the news lately that local scoundrels were going around stealing peoples Christmas deliveries off their porches.  Well apparently this isn't completely new or isolated to Maine.  I know this because a man in Washington state came up with a way to make them think twice and it's called a blank box.

It isn't dangerous but it also isn't legal.  Funny thing is from everything I have read is that the only way anything can happen to the purveyor of said box is if a complaint is made.  I am sure you can see the irony there. Here is what happens a 12 gague blank cartridge will go off with a big bang when the package is stolen.  The inventor if you can call him that or maybe tormentor is more accurate Jaireme Barrow even sells the things now at blank box on-line. Kinda like your very own 'Home Alone' Merry Freakin' Christmas.

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