Poison frontman Bret Michaels has released a video for his new song “Unbroken,” which he co-wrote with his youngest daughter, Jorja.

After a personal introduction, a statement explains that the song "is about triumph over tragedy … about mental and physical strength over adversity!”

Earlier this year, Michaels told Digital Journal that Jorja had done an “amazing job.” “She played piano on it and she sang the harmonies with me," he said. "It was a great bonding experience.”

The release comes two years after Michaels released a song titled “Jorja Bleu” in tribute to her. He previously released “Raine,” named for his eldest daughter, in 2003.

You can watch the new video below.

Last month, Poison drummer Rikki Rockett said the band would probably not be seen during 2019, but he hoped they’d be back the following year. “I still love doing it, absolutely,” he said. “[But] I’d like to do new stuff, because I like that challenge. I like trying to convert people. … I don’t like to just sit and relax – that’s not me – so hopefully we’ll do some new stuff … play for some new audiences, older audiences too. That’s my goal.”

In 2018, Michaels said that he found it easier to write songs about heartbreak than the upbeat songs that comprise most of Poison's catalog. "The toughest songs to write are good-time party songs," he noted.

"And let me explain that. People are always like, ‘Oh man, ‘Nothin’ but a Good Time,’ that must have been an easy song to write.’ It’s not an easy song, because when you’re partying and having a good time, there’s no emotion in you that says, ‘Let’s sit down right now and write a song.’ But you have something break your heart … those moments are the toughest moments in your life, but oddly enough, [inspire] the most defined songs and easier songs to write because you have an exact emotion.”

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