Donald Trump's inauguration events won't include Bruce Springsteen – who's called the President-elect a "moron" – but he might have gotten the next best thing. The B Street Band, which bills itself as America's "No. 1 Bruce Springsteen tribute band," are set to play the Garden State Presidential Inaugural Gala next week.

We can only guess that the Boss himself is less than pleased. "The whole thing is tragic," Springsteen has said of Trump's candidacy. "Without overstating it, it’s a tragedy for our democracy."

The non-partisan B Street Band have no such qualms. Saying they've been "rock'n Bruce fans since 1980," the group has taken the mantle of "original Springsteen tribute band" across the U.S. This is their third time to play the New Jersey State Society-sponsored Washington D.C. ball, which welcomes the new president. Their 2009 and 2013 events celebrated the incoming terms of Barack Obama.

That's part of a resume that includes "dozens" of performance for both political parties, according to NME, dating back to their debut under the original name of Backstreets in Asbury Park, N.J.

Renamed in honor of Springsteen's longtime backing group the E Street Band, the group have since made it clear they signed the contract for this event in 2013 – one week after performing for Obama. "The way it's portrayed in the media is that Trump hired us for the inauguration," B Street Band founder Will Forte tells Rolling Stone. "I don't have any dealings with Trump at all! It's just a New Jersey gala."

As the controversy swelled, Forte said he's been inundated with complaints. A member of the actual E Street Band has now weighed in, too. "Please tell me this is more fake news," original bassist Garry Tallent said via Twitter. "Or at least a joke."

The Garden State Gala is set for Jan. 19 at the Washington Court Hotel.

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