While most of Maine's local ice cream spots have already opened for the spring, there are a couple of hold-outs who have decided to wait until this week to start scooping.

Butterfields Ice Cream Stand, Butterfields Ice Cream
Butterfields Ice Cream Stand, Butterfields Ice Cream

For over 70 years, this fabulous little ice cream stand has occupied a spot at 946 West Main Street in Dover-Foxcroft. And for just that long, they've been serving up heaping helpings of homemade ice cream to folks who have had a hankering for their frozen goodies.

Butterfields Homemade Ice Cream announced over the weekend that they'd be opening for the season, in what was a stroke of marketing genius (in my humble opinion) on the first day of April vacation.

"Butterfields Ice Cream is excited to open tomorrow at 11 am for the season! During school vacation, our hours are extended from 11 am-8 pm. We look forward to serving you your favorite local ice cream! "

With sunshine in the forecast for the next few days, it's the perfect time to go and grab a cone!

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Chez Renee Team Realty of Maine via Facebook
Chez Renee Team Realty of Maine via Facebook

Meanwhile, another iconic Maine ice cream spot will open at the end of this week. Spencer's Ice Cream in Bradley just changed ownership. The new folks have been getting caught up on business operations and hiring for this season. They say they'll kick off the 2024 ice cream scooping season Thursday April 18th from 1 PM to 8 PM. They're also looking to hire, so if you want a sweet job for the summer season, you may want to inquire!

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