It's no secret that the weather in Maine has been less than impressive for at least the last 6 months if not more.

Outside of some pretty wicked wind and rain storms, and some flooding, most folks are pretty sick of the perpetual state of "meh" that Mother Nature has left us with.

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While the weather may not change, there is something that could quite alter your attitude a bit, and that's the prospect of free ice cream!

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There's a local franchise getting ready to mark the return of Spring and with any luck some decent weather.

Tuesday, March 19th marks the first official day of Spring, and in honor of that joyous occasion, Dairy Queen will be giving away free ice cream cones!


According to a recent interview published in Business Wire, the folks at DQ say they are looking for ways to celebrate the spring and the sunshine, too!

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“Nothing says warmer weather is around the corner quite like Free Cone Day. We’re inviting fans everywhere to grab their friends and families and get their ‘Treat Szn’ started with something sweet – on us!” said Maria Hokanson, executive vice president, marketing at ADQ.

So what's the deal? It's pretty simple. That Tuesday you can go to any non-mall DQ shop and get one small vanilla cone per customer...and pay nothing for it!

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So mark your calendars for the first day of Spring and the day you can get a free cone, thanks to Dairy Queen.

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