Spring in Maine Will Soon Look Like This Again [VIDEO]
With this weekends storm dampening the spring thoughts of Mainers across the state, I thought now would be a good time to remind you that warmer days are coming. Soon Maine will be back to beautiful spring scenes like this. Green grass, trees and flowers in bloom, the return of late night bonfi…
Bangor Spring Clean Up Deadline is Monday
When  come to things we are lucky to have in the city of Bangor 'Spring Clean Up' is one of them. If you live in Bangor and were planning to take advantage of this service be aware that Monday April 25th is the cut off for setting things out to be picked up...
List Of Proof It Is Spring In Maine
I know the weather has been cold but as I am out and about I can't help but notice that Maine's Spring is truly here in force. Ahhh, let me count the ways we know for sure Winter is behind us all.
Mud Season And Experts Say Cold Season Too
The transition from winter to spring brings many things: pretty flower buds, sunnier days, and shorter sleeves and hemlines. Oh, and a cold, according to conventional wisdom. The drastic day-to-day change in temperature somehow messes up your immune system making you more vulnerable to viruses...

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