Now here’s an unusual line for your resume, Voice of poop.  Now granted I’ve seen a lot of movies that could have been the description of the dialogues but in the case it literally means poop, only the cute kind. Yes there is a cute kind according to some  (See how to make video below). Funny thing is if a poop Emoji had opened its mouth to speak I am not thinking I’d expect it to sound like Patrick Stewart.  You may know Patrick  more famous for playing Captain Jean-Luc Picard in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" or Professor Charles Xavier in the "X-Men" series, will be the voice of a pile of poop in the upcoming animated film, "The Emoji Movie," Familiar with the concept of  being part of pop culture and cashing in is the only thing I can think that would drive this classically trained actor to be…well, poop. But according to The Hollywood Reporter the movie will be about an Emoji born with multiple expressions who teams up with a code-breaker called "Jailbreak" to go on an adventure through a teenager's phone.    Other voices in the upcoming film include; Jennifer Coolidge, Maya Rudolph. Jake T. Austin, James Corden, Steven Wright and Rob Riggle.

Hey I guess somebody was going to get the gig. See what you think, watch the trailer above or just stare at the poop Emoji and run the Captain Picard clip.  Does it work??

Want to make your own?

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