Should be a much nicer day Sunday than today or tomorrow, but isn’t every day a great day for a car show.

Family Ties and Maine Veterans Project have joined forces for this totally free event from noon to 3 p.m. However, if you have cash burning a hole in your jeans there will be vendors, including a food truck, on-site.

And speaking of trucks, check out these before and after photos from Michael Buzzell, who operates Family Ties who are organizing the event. Michael inherited a 1977 Chevy Square Body Pickup from an Uncle. Here it is

Michael Buzzell Family Ties
Michael Buzzell Family Ties

And 5 years later, he is proudly showing it off this Sunday. And just as proud that he used local companies for parts, for the wrap, and mechanically.

1977 Chevy Pick Up

And anyone and everyone is invited and welcome to bring their vehicles. There are thousands of dollars in door prizes – no strings attached. They are expecting 200 cars. And it’ll include Fred Ashmore, the Mainer who rented a Mustang and drove the Gumball Race to California a few years ago. He bought that car and ‘The Rental’ will be there too.

Doc Goodwin is the founder of the Maine Veterans Project. They often assist veterans who need vehicles or auto repairs, but they are not looking for donations Sunday.

“This event is designed to bring together as many people as we can, and organically have veterans come together for social purposes. Helping to build a sense of community for all. MVP often helps in suicide prevention, and this is a chance to interact with veterans and help them to get to know other veterans socially.”

Doc gets the final word

“We can’t thank the City of Brewer enough. They have bent over backwards to help us make sure this event happens.”

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