Whether you love country music or not, Maine Savings Amphitheater has a pretty good sense of humor!

As Maine Savings Amphitheatre starts to roll out announcements for the 2023 season, people are having fun speculating about who may come to Bangor this year, but they couldn’t resist poking a little fun at concert fans with a recent Facebook post.

One of the main complaints I hear from everyone is that there are just too many country shows and not enough variety. So with a wink and a nod, they addressed this issue, and of course, folks had plenty of comments on it.

In fairness, I thought last summer was the best lineup ever, with a perfect balance of each genre of music. From Luke Combs to Aerosmith, to Pitbull, there was something for everybody.

Check out the Facebook post, and some of the many, many comments on the subject:

Maine Savings Amphitheater
Right, rock fans?

Brittany McAvoy
I love them all. No complaints here! 3 concerts in so far. Keep them coming and take my money! Lok

Deryn LaCombe
Here's an out there concept, how about MORE OF EVERYBODY OUT TOURING THIS SEASON, it's a win for everyone

Paul Garant
Rise above fest..impact festival..all day event of rock music.

Amy Mathews
I would like ALL the country. That Brooks & Dunn Reboot Tour needs a New England date!

Rachel Boober Soucy
How about bands that we haven't seen before and rarely come to Maine. Big names!!

Maine Savings Amphitheater
Rachel Boober Soucy ooh ya like Prince or Michael Jackson!

Karen Lavoie Leonhardt
I love Country and Rock, I go to both!

Andy LeBlanc
Who cares as long as the is cold

Lexi White
Can we have country AND rock?? Some people like both, Savage.

Chelsea Lynn Cameron
Lexi White nickelback and Brantley Gilbert!

Tina Perkins Bohanon
My music line ups are BSB, Pitbull, Aerosmith, REO, Luke Bryan, Nickleback too alot of different genre's. Doesn't take much to

Jennifer Cammack
So excited for all the shows and the amazing opportunity to enjoy this state of the art venue in Bangor, ME! Maine Savings Amphitheater you are doing an amazing job! I love country, rock, blasts from the past and whatever record you’re spinning!

Shauna Bryant
All the shows I want to see never happen in Maine so enjoy whatever music does venture its way here. Ill just keep traveling to Boston, New York and Canada to get my concert fix in. I have to say though that Stevie Nicks last year was phenomenal.

Amanda Moores
It’s a yes for me, comma and all. Must be doing something right, the shows are always packed.

Hannah Collins
Country concerts are so fun , I’m here for it

Davey Noyes
Not only did you give us more country, but you threw in nickel back. That's just mean

Lisa Soule
So far we have tickets to all of the Country Venues ..keep em coming ..Maine is Country with a lot of us Redneck Guys and Girls we want to drink beer and hear some good Country Music...

Kasandra Foster
How about we bring back Impact! Enough of the country already...

Christa Senf
I saw someone say rap - I don’t think they understand what a music venue is for! Or what music is, for that matter.
Bring on more country!!!! But not the pop junk!!!

Tammy Kuhl
But we don't want more country
Cameron Shaw
Bring on some rock!!

Alan Fleck
80s Bands

Lee Ann Green
No more country!!

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