After I got off the air this morning, and did some ‘office stuff’ then I ran an errand, which upon completion had me thinking lunch.

Being close enough to Bucksport my destination was Carrier’s Mainely Lobster at Routes 1 & 46.

What did I have you ask?  Lobster Roll? No.  Oh, then a Crab Roll?  No. Hmm, the haddock nuggets and fries? No again.

Here’s what I got at Carrier’s as I went to pull into the lot.


Oh no. Here’s the story. An elderly gentleman and his wife were there earlier for an ice cream cone. And he hit the building with his car.

Note to self.  Get the same kind of car he’s driving next time, because it barely had a dent.

The building he hit was not so lucky.  Right next to the windows you order at and pick up  your food at is the wall he hit. On the other side of that wall is the kitchen. With the fryers, and the grill, and the propane tanks. Right up against that wall.

Courtesy Carrier's Mainely Lobster Facebook
Courtesy Carrier's Mainely Lobster Facebook

That’s why Carrier’s is closed.

However, within minutes, not hours,workers were there and already working at getting the exterior repaired.

Carrier’s owner BJ’s Mom was there and told me

It’s all family. Carpenters and workers got at it right away.

No e.t.a. for a re-opening. That of course depends on the damage, or hopefully lack of damage, done in the kitchen.

Fingers crossed it’s sooner rather than later, as the summer of 22 ticks away.

I’ve already got my next trip planned and am mulling through what to order in my mind.

Close-up of a lobster roll

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