If you've been on the lookout for an adventure buddy with big eyes and four furry legs, then look no further than this week's "Pet of the Week" Mei Mei.

Annie Chalmers, a Medical Technician at the SPCA of Hancock County, says Mei Mei is one stunning pup.

"Mei Mei is a 3-year-old pit bull terrier. She has a tuxedo-type coat pattern with a black base and white markings on her face and chest."

Mei Mei, SPCA Hancock County
Mei Mei, SPCA Hancock County
Chalmers says this good girl would just love to go on adventures with a family who won't mind her energetic personality.

"She came to the SPCA at the end of December from the stray holding facility. She is a super active girl who loves people and playing. She is very friendly to everyone she meets. Mei Mei is a mischievous girl who would do well in a high-energy household with plenty of things to keep her occupied and her mind busy."

Chalmers recommends that Mei Mei needs a home with no small children because she just doesn't know how strong she is.

"Because Mei Mei does not understand her own physical strength, we recommend no young children. She may be 3 years old, but Mei Mei still has plenty of puppy energy."

If you're interested in learning more about Mei Mei or any of the animals available for adoption at the SPCA of Hancock County you can call them at 207-667-8088 or visit their website, spcahancockcounty.org.

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