Now is his 20th season with the New England Patriots, Tom Brady has six Super Bowl rings, four Super Bowl MVP awards, and has won NFL MVP honors three times. At 42 years old Tom shows no sign of slowing down and is still breaking records with almost every game he plays. Here's a list of just 8 records held by the G.O.A.T.

According to the Patriots final press release from the 2018 NFL season, here are some records Tom Brady holds.

At the end of last season Tom Brady had the record for most career wins by a starting Quarterback at 245, that number includes playoff wins but now the Pats are 8-0 so the new record is 253.

He also holds the record for most division titles by a starting quarterback at 16.

And he owns the most consecutive division titles by a starting quarterback at 10, as of last season.

Tom has the record for most wins by a quarterback after trailing by 10 or more points since 2000 (including playoffs) with 32 wins.

Tom is the only NFL quarterback with over 100 wins in one stadium. Currently Tom has 117 wins at Gillette Stadium and hasn't lost a home game since 2017.

On top of that, Tom hold the record for most wins on the road with 99 wins. That number could hit 100 if the Patriots can stay undefeated in Baltimore this Sunday night.

He holds the record for the most Super Bowl wins with 6 (so far.)

And the most Super Bowl MVP awards with 4 (so far.)

Through all of it Tom has stayed as humble as ever. It's no wonder why so many teams fear him, so many players respect him, and so many non Patriots fans hate him.

The Patriots are in Baltimore to try and hold on to their undefeated season with a game against the Ravens this Sunday night.


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