Like a lot of folks, we've had a camp in my family longer than I've been alive. So you really can say I was going there even before I was born. In all those years, I really thought I had seen it all as far as the weather. But of course, it being 2020 and all, Mother Nature threw a new little curve ball I hadn't seen before.

I've seen crazy thunder storms that made it sound like the sky was ripping in half. I've seen rain that made it look like the water was boiling. There's been heat for such long stretches before that the lake itself almost stopped being refreshing. But also sunrises that can't even be described in real words, and unimaginably fiery sunsets.

Years ago, when I spent a lot of time on the road as a musician, I'd occasionally end up in states that had tornadoes and such. Though I never saw one, the skies can take on really odd colors before intense thunderstorms that can sometimes turn into tornadoes. Like these crazy greens and reds.

This weekend's situation was a little different. On Saturday night, the clouds very suddenly came in really low, and since the sun sets behind my camp, it was glowing off the clouds, making the whole sky look kinda pink-y orange. And the wind was blowing in multiple directions. but strangely, no rain. You can see it in the video at the bottom.

Needless to say, thinking back to some of those places I've been, I got a little uneasy for a minute. But on the other hand, it's Maine, so we're relatively sheltered from that kind of weather intensity. But scope these photos...

Strange Weather Upta Camp

If you want to see how quickly everything was moving along, check out this video.

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