A pair of juveniles, whom police say have been committing crimes throughout the Brewer area, are once again in the custody of law enforcement officials.

According to Brewer Police Department's Public Safety Director Jason Moffitt, the arrests stemmed from a call made to dispatchers Sunday evening, about an explosion at the Dollar Tree at Twin City Plaza on State Street in Brewer.


"Witnesses reported hearing what sounded like a gunshot and smelling a strong chemical smell, causing the evacuation of the store.   It was determined that the explosion was caused by a chemical device intentionally placed there.  A hazardous materials team from Orono responded and assisted at the store. "

Moffitt says that the Haz Mat team from Orono Fire Department was called in to assist. A member of that team said what they were able to determine about the explosion was that it was made by a soda bottle bomb.

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A soda bottle bomb, authorities say, is typically constructed when a substance like powdered bleach is put into a soda bottle, mixed with a little bit of water or vinegar, and when shaken up, explodes. Not only can the explosion be hazardous, but the gas released can be dangerous, as well.

As the authorities were investigating the explosion at the Dollar Tree, dispatchers received a similar report from another area of town. Moffat said other explosive devices, like the one from the Dollar Tree, had been set off by the Brewer High School softball field.

Brewer Police were able to locate the individuals they say are responsible for detonating the devices, two juveniles who were already violating house arrest and release conditions for other recent crimes the authorities say they were responsible for.

"Some of the incidents leading to the two being charged included throwing large rocks off an interstate overpass (one of which went through a windshield of a car traveling on I-395. Other previous charges included assault, reckless conduct, and violation of release conditions."

Moffitt says the kids they believe are responsible for the crimes, are currently at the Long Creek Youth Development Center in South Portland.

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