Update as of 12/6/2022

According to the Ellsworth Police Department, 80-year-old Josheph LeFrance of Ellsworth was operating the pickup truck. He and his 75-year-old female passenger were both taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

"Investigation indicated the pickup was parking in a parking spot, accelerated crashing into an unoccupied parked car then continuing on crashing through the front doors of the store into the checkout registers before coming to a stop.

EMS began triaging the scene and Officers secured the scene and witnesses for investigation.  The cause of the accident remains under investigation. The store remains closed at this time because of structural damage."

Holiday shoppers visiting the Ellsworth "Dollar Tree" store got quite the surprise when a truck came crashing through the wall from the outside Monday afternoon.

According to WABI TV5, five people were transported to a nearby hospital with minor injuries.

"They say at 1:30 Monday afternoon an 80-year-old man was trying to pull his truck into a parking spot in front of the store, when he continued on, side-swiped another parked vehicle, and then went through the building.

The driver was not hurt and police say the incident does not appear to be alcohol-related or caused by a medical emergency."

Ellsworth Dollar Tree Crash, Chris Popper
Ellsworth Dollar Tree Crash, Chris Popper

Foxx22 Bangor reported that two others, who were in the truck at the time of the crash, were also taken to the hospital.

"...police say that a truck crashed through the glass front doors and windows coming to a stop approximately twenty feet inside the store. Code enforcement has closed the building."

Authorities are looking into what might have caused the man's truck to make its way through the wall and into the store; operator error or mechanical malfunction.

The vehicle was removed from the store several hours later.

It's not certain how long the cleanup effort will take.

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