In honor of National Radio Day, which took place earlier this week, let me take you on a little trip down memory lane on what I call "Cori's Radio Adventure" because, truly, that's what it's been!

As you'll see, from some of the pictures and descriptions below, it's been quite the ride!

I started in radio in 2000, when I was hired as the afternoon News producer/anchor for Q106.5.

Several months later, a mid-day slot on Z107.3 opened up, and I made the move to Top40 music.

A few months after that, the Z's morning show team decided to jump ship and I got bumped up to mornings.

My first partner was none other than the legendary Chuck Foster. But, as you can tell by now, things are always moving in radio, and after our first year, Chuck moved back to the night shift. 2 other guys from out-of-state tried to fill his shoes, but didn't make it through our Maine winter.

Enter John Easton. John had also been working for the Q for years, and was one of the silliest guys I knew. We got paired together and instantly hit it off, and so the "John and Cori in the Morning Show" was born.

John and I had a fun run till 2005, when I left Maine for a trip out west.

I landed for about a year in Tucson, Arizona, where I worked for an Alternative Station called KFMA. It was an amazing experience.

I went next to Charleston, South Carolina, to really cool Alternative Station (that I used to listen to when I was in College down South) called 96Wave.

Ultimately, at the end of 2007, I moved back to Maine.

I did a 2 year stint as a reporter, before getting back into radio at a Station out of Ellsworth, WNSX 97.7. I was there until 2011.

Then I  "retired had 4 kids and became a stay-at-home homeschooling mom!

In 2018, my life changed and found may way back to radio, working part-time for Star 97.7.

When Chuck Foster passed away in 2018, I was invited to fill his afternoon slot, which was an honor.

In March of this year, I got another shot at mornings, and was paired up with another stellar individual, Jason Stewart. The timing was kind of insane, as the pandemic had just started, we couldn't broadcast from the studio, so we had to create home studios to work from. And we launched a new show, from two different houses, without even being able to see each other, in the middle of what has got to be the strangest year on the books, to date!

But you adjust and adapt.

Now I get to have fun in the mornings with JStew on I-95, and in the afternoons on Z107.3.

Cori's Radio Adventure

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