Last night Vice President stepped up and said that taxpayers refunds would not be affected by the shutdown.The Wall Street Journal posted his remarks on the subject just before 8 p.m.:

“We’re going to continue to take steps like that to mitigate the impact,” Vice President Mike Pence said of the tax refunds.

This decision is a reversal of a long standing policy in an attempt to make the shutdown lessen impact to your average american like you and me.

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As we enter the third week of our government shutdown if you have been hoping to pay for something with your return it may need to be put on hold.

As reported by Forbes and outlined by the IRS, the money you overpaid in taxes over the year in 2018 is not a life or death situation to get returned to you.

In fact, these are the thing they say will discontinue until things go back on line:

No tax refunds issued, No call center during Non-Filing Season, No non-automated collections, No processing of forms 1040X, amended returns, No processing of non-disaster relief transcripts, no legal counsel and in many cases no audits.

Now, they do not say that you can not file, but the speed with which you get your return is the issue. Good news, sort of is they appear to be willing to process your payment. Yippie.

Before you feel too bad for yourself this will also affect food stamps and pay checks.

Here is the latest news on the shutdown.

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