Back around the end of January I was as sick as I had ever been.  A horrible persistent cough that produced no phlegm. Numerous fevers where I’d wake in the middle of the night to damp sheets.  Headaches, no appetite, and no urge to get out of bed. This lasted for almost 7 full days.

Even a bout with mononucleosis back in my teens didn’t seem to come close to this.  

Did I have the novel coronavirus, COVID-19? 

Various others have mentioned the same thing.  Was there a chance that some have already had COVID-19, and not even realized it? 

The only doubt that I have, and it's a big one, is that my wife didn’t come down with what I had, and we’ve all heard how highly infectious COVID-19 is.  But with more and more reports coming out recently that those in China probably were dealing with it back in mid-November of 2019, one just has to wonder. 

According to, there are four types of common coronavirus that one would normally come down with, and then three others that animals can evolve and then transfer to humans, one being the new COVID-19. 

It’s more likely that back in January I had one of the more common versions of coronavirus. 

According to, there is not a test available to show if you had experienced COVID-19 in the past, the only test available shows if you currently have it.  

Another common question is, could you come down with COVID-19 a second time?  According to “Dr David Buchholz, senior founding medical director, primary care, assistant professor of pediatrics, Columbia University Irving medical center” on, those with a normal immune system “should have immunity for quite some time, at least a year, if not lifelong.” 

Maybe, just maybe, if you indeed had COVID-19 before we all knew what was going on, you may now be immune to it, and not come down with it again.  BUT, one should certainly not take that chance. 

Be safe. Stay well.

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