The flu pretty much went away the last couple of years.

For real, all through the pandemic, the flu season was almost non-existent. Say what you want about masking, it's the sole reason that flu season was so quiet the last couple of years. Which is the true crime of the pandemic. It would be awesome if masks weren't political fodder for both sides of the opinion. Because we saw them work.

Now, as masks aren't much of a thing, the flu is coming back with a vengeance. To be fair, I've seen an uptick in people masking in public. Like at the grocery stores, etc. But, people in my circle are coming down with the flu left and right. My doctor said in Australia, where it's been winter, the flu season was absolutely crushing down there.

It's starting to happen here as well.

According to WMTW, hospitals all over the place have seen their flu cases double in the last few weeks, and that we're seeing numbers already that aren't usually seen for at least another month or two. Usually, this is the time folks start getting their flu shots and preparing for the season, not playing catch up to it.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Of course, due to it's very nature, the flu is hard to predict from person to person, but the most at risk are whom you'd expect... The very young and the very old. And certainly the immune-compromised. Masking is not the worst thing you could do this time of year. We'll see how much it catches on.

In the meantime, try and keep away from sick people, and stay home if you're sick to try and mitigate the spread. Plus, some old-fashioned good luck can't hurt. From everything I'm seeing and hearing, this flu season is no frikkin' joke.

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