The Inn on Millinocket Lake, the resort where the wedding reception took place on August 7, which caused the COVID-19 outbreak that is now up to 87 people, has had their license suspended, according to CBS 13.

The news station reported that the license was suspended because the state order says no more than 50 people in attendance, and there were 65.

Recent inspections also showed that they had violated the new temporary COVID policies, and this would appear to be their punishment, according to CBS 13.

Looking at this from the pragmatic view, the Inn was definitely doing what they could to survive in this tough economy, that being said with up to 87 now and different stages of the condition due to COVID-19 in the breakout, where do we draw the line between needing to conduct business and people safety? 

One of the guests told the News Station that the Inn on Millinocket failed to call them after the outbreak was first discovered. He reportedly had to find out on his own after exposing several family members and friends to the virus' potential threat in his system. 

What are your thoughts? Do you think the facility was wrong not to tell the people about the outbreak? Do you still feel COVID-19 is a real threat? I would love to hear from you! 

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