Last weekend, crowds upon crowds of people congregated in Millinocket for the Millinocket Half and Full Marathon. This event was started many years ago to help the struggling mill town and has grown into this massive event. By all accounts, it was another successful event.

Two years ago local filmmaker, Jeremy T. Grant aka The Timber Cross, decided he wanted to run the Millinocket Marathon alongside a long-time logger, Mike Thurlow. The catch: Grant and Thurlow planned to run the marathon carrying chainsaws and would do so to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Maine.

With absolutely no advance training or preparation, Grant, who produces the travel series, Discover Maine, traveled to Millinocket on the chilly December 4th morning and gave it a go...with all his gear...and a big ole blade.

"It started cool, around 17 degrees, and warmed to 30,  then back to the 20s in the evening."

Grant said the turnout in Millinocket was strong, and as he made his way along the course, he got to meet a good number of his fellow marathoners and hear their stories.

"The full race is just so much fun; so much support from the town and everyone is there to have fun."

While it took him longer than most to complete the run ( 9hr 31 minutes 57 seconds, by his count) Grant took his time and enjoyed the journey, instead of rushing towards his destination.

Not even his big beard becoming a frozen mass upon his face could hide the big smile across Grant's face during most of his adventure.

He said of the $20,000 goal he had set out to help Thurlow raise for Make-A-Wish, they got to just below halfway. And that's something to build on for next year.

"I love the event and already working on forming something epic next year."

Grant put together this video of his experience in hopes to inspire folks to go a bit outside of their comfort zones, this New Year, especially if you can pair that adventure with a good cause. Check out his take on the day. (Make sure you watch till the end...the reaction of his 4 kids as he makes it across the finish line is so worth it!)

Grant says he has big plans for the coming New Year...

"As far as the next adventure video we have a few things in the works but one we can't talk about yet and another trying to work out some details but would like to make a video of falling through the ice. "

To check out more of Grant's work, you can explore his YouTube channel by clicking here or his Facebook Page. 

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