Last week, we told you about a celebration that was to take place in Millinocket over the weekend. The catch was we didn't know what the celebration was all about. It was going to start with an announcement that would take place in front of the former site of Great Northern Paper. The mill located in the town of Millinocket has remained closed since 2008 and has deeply affected the local economy in the Moosehead region.

On Saturday, joined by Governor Janet Mills and Senators Angus King and Susan Collins, that business would be moving into the old mill location, as reported by WABI-TV5.

Nautilus Data Technologies will be the 'anchor tenant' of the old mill site, as announced at the secretive event on Saturday by the President of Our Katahdin Board of Directors, Sean Dewitt, which will break ground next year.

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The $300 million project will be the cutting edge technology in the deep woods of Maine. It will utilize the natural resource of water to create a data center that is cooled by water. The California company's website shares that the technology has many benefits, including "reduces power usage, decreases air pollution, lowers greenhouse gas emissions, eliminates water consumption, and cuts costs.'

The company is working on including a 'Northeast Site' on their website as you can see scrolling over the 'Data Centers' tab of the menu. The other campus mentioned on the website is located in Stockton, California, where the company is based.

For more information about Nautilus Data Technologies, visit their website and check out their Frequently Asked Questions section if you need a little more understanding about what they do and how they do it.

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