Someone wanted everyone else to have a very good Monday as well!

This morning at the Bluebird Ranch Family Restaurant on Main Street in Machias, a man eating breakfast there payed for everyone's meal!  Wow, how cool is that?  Very!

When we contacted a worker there this morning, they told us that there were about 25 customers in the eatery at the time.

We don't know who the very generous man was.  A worker at the Bluebird told us that they just started noticing him coming in sometime last week.

We're sure that this random act of awesomeness got everyone's week off to a fantastic start, especially on a rainy Monday morning!

Good samaritans like this usually vanish into the air before anyone can say thank you, so let us have the honor - THANK YOU VERY MUCH, and we hope that you experience good deeds throughout this week as well!

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