Certain customers that filled up their tanks last week at the Mobil On The Run on Pleasant Street in Waterville have complained that they didn't exactly get what they wanted when they pulled up to the pumps.  Some claim that when they selected a higher octane gas that they actually ended up with diesel in their tanks.  Then, there were those that wanted diesel and allegedly ended up with gas.

According to an article in Kennebec Journal, one customer incurred a $700 repair bill to fix the damage that the wrong fuel had caused.

The owner of the franchise is waiting to hear back from Mobil to find out what they have discovered within their investigation, and whether or not customers will be reimbursed.

There's not much that one can do when the delivery driver dumps the wrong type of fuel into the storage tanks at a gas station.  But, companies like On The Run have taken certain precautions to help consumers select the right type of fuel.

You'll notice that the nozzle of most any diesel pump is green in color, while the nozzle for gasoline is black.  Some pumps will dispense home heating oil as well, and those nozzles are colored blue.

Then there's the nozzles themselves.  The nozzle for a diesel pump will not fit into the hole of a car that uses gasoline, it may however fit into a gasoline driven truck or motorcycle, so be very careful there.  More in the video above.

What happens when diesel is mistakenly put into a gas driven vehicle?  Chances are nothing, because the fuel is very heavy and the spark plugs won't be able to ignite it, thus preventing the vehicle's engine from ever starting.  The biggest pain will be draining the fuel out of your vehicle's tank and engine.  Once you do so and fill up with with the correct fuel, the gas will eventually clean everything out and your vehicle will run fine again.





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