You know it's been there forever if it's still called Shop & Save.

Not gonna lie, to this day, I occasionally let the words "Shop & Save" slip out of my mouth, when I'm actually referring to Hannaford. For real... when that change happened, how long did you still keep saying Shop & Save? I'm betting it took months to get it right. That was back in what... the late '90s it switched?

That said, that should give you a pretty clear indication of how long Pittsfield has been home to Bud's Shop & Save. There is still a handful of independently run S&S's around this part of the state. For instance, there's another one in Dover-Foxcroft. But, now Bud's in Pittsfield is being taken over by a well-known local grocery dynasty.

The owners of Danforth's in Hermon will take over Bud's.

That's right, the owners of Hermon's Danforth Downhome Supermarket are taking over Bud's, according to a post on Bud's Facebook page. Everyone involved seems extremely excited about this new venture. Bud's was quick to point out that the Danforth's will be keeping all the staff Bud's currently has, which is awesome.

The average customer won't really notice a change at all in day-to-day operations. Both stores are supplied by Hannaford, so the shelves will look essentially the same. Personally, having met members of the Danforth family on a few occasions, Bud's will be in great hands going forward.

The change is underway but becomes official in January of 2022. Again, most folks won't really notice a change at all. Danforth's has an exceptional reputation, so this sounds like a win-win for owners and customers alike. Congrats all around to all parties. And to the residents of Pittsfield!

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