Earlier this week, actor Peter Fonda celebrated a birthday. Yeah, we all remember the movie Easy Rider, but do you remember Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry?  I do, and it reminded me of my first car.  Probably even influenced me to get it.

We all remember our first car!  I got mine when I  was a senior in high school. It was a 1971 Dodge Coronet Super Bee, and I probably shouldn’t have had it. It had a 440 magnum engine (which is a 7.2 liter by today's standards) with a manual transmission and a 456 gear rear end.

DJ Fred photo - 1977

I don’t think that I had the thing for a month when a motorcycle cop pulled me over for lifting the front wheels off the ground. My parents were two happy campers when I finally sold it and it left the driveway for the last time!

Probably Peter Fonda and the movie that came out in 1974 when I was a sophomore in high school gave me the idea.  He had the '69 Charger, and he had the pretty blonde girl, Susan George.  He also had the cops chasing him all over town.  Although by the end of Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry, things didn't work out so well for he and Susan George.

I'm glad things worked out better for me.

Maybe it was the movie that made that car catch my eyes.  Maybe it was the Dukes Of Hazard or Smokey And The Bandit, who knows.

Thankfully I did slow down and eventually bought a Chevy van. Then got the blonde girl.




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