You've probably gone by at least a dozen in Bangor and never even noticed some the reminders of days gone by that are still standing around the Queen City.


They used to be a lot more common and at one time we all over Bangor. Today a few stand as reminders of Bangor's history, but what are they!?


We are talking about Hitching posts. Stone posts anchored in the ground with a metal loop attached for someone to tie up their horse when there were a lot more horses on the roads.


As Bangor still has many of its historical homes standing so are these posts. We noticed one and after some research into what they are we noticed they are still all over town today! Some are not as easily seen as they once were but some look as they did when they were being used.

Here are some streets we have noticed hitching posts in Bangor recently:

  • Essex St.
  • Fountain St.
  • Montgomery St.
  • Mount Hope Cemetery
  • West Broadway
  • Westland St.

Where else are they located? Have you seen a hitching post in Bangor? Let us know where!