A while back we were shopping at Target in Bangor when we noticed a young family in one of the aisles. The father was carrying a holstered sidearm in full open view and was loudly expressing that he was.  Yes, he did make us nervous.

Today we read of a group of demonstrators in Raleigh, North Carolina, who recently walked into a Subway restaurant while wearing pistols, holding automatic weapons, and one even holding a rocket launcher of some type, in full view.

Now we know that there are many guns being carried around in public that we're not fully aware of, as most are being concealed under a coat or in a pant leg and carried for personal protection for some reason or another.  Out of sight, and out of mind.

It almost seems as what you can't see, doesn't bother you.

But when someone flamboyantly and proudly displays a loaded firearm in full view in a public setting it almost suggests to us that there may be something "just not right" about you.  It makes us nervous for our well-being.

But that's just us.  Maybe it's not you.

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