Despite what his picture might look like, our "Pet Of The Week" this week, is all about love. We mean it.

(Just imagine him smiling and this will all work better.)

Amos, Pet Of The Week, Hancock County SPCA
Amos, Pet Of The Week, Hancock County SPCA

According to Mariah Donovan, Communications Coordinator at the Hancock County SPCA, this distinguished gentleman is Amos, and he is, in fact, very sweet.

She says he's "full of love and spice and everything nice. He looks like a lynx cat because of his big tomcat cheeks, docked tail, and plenty of scars which prove he’s been a rough-and-tumble street cat. He’s super sweet but also likes to prove he’s a big, tough guy by wrestling with human arms. However, since he needed his canine teeth pulled, he’s a lot less furr-ocious. "

Donovan says that Amos is a cat that will give plenty of love, but does need some special care.

"He does have some medical conditions we should talk about before you fall heads-over-heels in love with him. He is in diabetic remission, which has been controlled by keeping him on a special wet-food prescription diet. The bright side is he doesn't need insulin! Amos is also FIV+, no doubt from his fightin' days on the streets. He doesn't seem to mind other cats here at the SPCA-HC, and he really doesn’t have a viable way to pass the FIV to any other cats now that he’s neutered and had dental surgery to help his mouth feel better, so it could be okay for him to be with other kitties. Still, his immune system is compromised by this condition, and he is more likely to develop upper respiratory infections and cold-like symptoms because of it. Because of all this, he really needs to be kept indoors only for his own benefit."

From all accounts, this cat has lived through his share of excitement and is ready to relax for a bit.

"...let's be honest, he’s ready to be a cuddle bug and retire to be a couch potato. If you're ready to take on the most special and interesting cat that ever existed, come on by and meet him. He loves company!"

If you're interested in learning more about any of the animals available for adoption at the SPCA of Hancock County call 207-667-8088 or visit their website,

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