Wild animal interactions are bound to happen, especially in a rural state like Maine. I'm sure every person reading this has a story of their own experience that's good, bad, or ugly.

This includes a couple from Cutler that have quite a story to tell after a cute encounter with a raccoon.

According to the Bangor Daily News, a raccoon strolled up on the porch of the Perkins' home in Cutler. The Perkins had their game cam set to watch the typical porch action of squirrels and birds. However, as the Bangor Daily New wrote, the raccoon arrived and was quick taking a nice long look inside.

This story had a nice viral run, and for good reason. It was a great example of Maine's wildlife intersecting with modern civilization. The critter looks so curious about what is behind this magical see-through blockade.

The cuteness of this interaction got my mind wondering about other animals in this situation. However, let's eliminate the cuteness and bring on the nightmarish and horrifying.

That's right, I have concocted a list so demented that my mother will never look at me the same way.

Below, you will find the 20 scariest Maine animals that could watch you. The list has everything from frightening land mammals to sharks that like to murder. If it can be found in Maine, it was considered for the list. And, remember humans are animals, too. I'm not lying when I said this list is very detailed.

Enjoy, if you dare.

20 of the Scariest Maine Animals to be Watching you from the Outside

A local raccoon became quite the celebrity the other day when he peaked into a home in Cutler, Maine.

The image was more cute and comedic than anything. However, it did inspire this list of the 20 scariest animals a Mainer would not want to see peaking into their house.

Warning, this list is quite frightening.

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