The actual Kentucky Derby takes place on May 1st this year. I remember some years ago, I played a gig down in southern Maine at Bentley's Saloon in Arundel, and it was Derby Day. It was interesting to be playing in what's known as a high-brow biker bar, and seeing all the women in big giant hats, drinking Mint Juleps.

I remember thinking it was a big deal when I was a kid. Which is funny, because I don't really think I've given too much more thought to horse racing of any kind since I was a kid. But really, it is the Super Bowl of the equestrian world. So I suppose it demands some respect.

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But the Dover-Foxcroft is hosting an event the following week on May 8th that I can totally get behind. They're hosting their first annual "K-Ducky Derby". Instead of horses, folks will be purchasing a rubber duck they got for $5, and it will float with a billion other rubber ducks, down Dunham Brook in Dover. Check the video from their Facebook page:

When all is sudden done, and the dust, er I mean, mist clears.... the winner will receive mostly bragging rights, but also Piscataquis Chamber Bucks. I tried to figure out what that was, but is sounds like "money" that can be redeemed through the Piscataquis Chamber of Commerce for something of value.

Regardless, I was all-in when I heard Rubber Ducks. I want to purchase one for myself right now, even though I don't live in Dover. But I tell you, it's worth the drive from the Bangor area out Route 15 just to crest Charleston Hill on a nice day. And a beautiful drive all around.

It sounds like it's worth getting out of the house that day. Sure, it all sounds a little absurd, but the funnest things always are. Id you can't be a little absurd sometimes, you never really get the point of living. And right now, this world needs waaaaaayyyy more rubber ducks floating down a stream than just about anything.

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