Streaming Outa Fenway will be the first ever live music event from a major venue like Fenway Park performed on the internet!

The band out of New England that has rocked the Boston Red Sox through FOUR World Series championships will take to the stage Friday night, May 29th, at 6 p.m.  Bruce Springsteen will join the Dropkick Murphys for two songs from a remote location.

Now while many bands have played Fenway Park in Boston, this will be the first time ever that a band has been allowed to set up in the middle of the infield, long considered to be "sacred ground."  Of course, the Major League Baseball season is on hold because of the nasty COVID-19 virus, but the Red Sox have made an exception for their favorite band.

How cool is this?  Very!  And, it's free!

During the concert, the band will be accepting donations for three non-profits: Boston Resiliency Fund, Feeding America®, and Habitat for Humanity, Greater Boston.

The free live-stream performance, both audio and video, will be distributed by Brightcove.

Earlier in the pandemic back in March, the Dropkick Murphys performed a live concert via stream on St. Patrick's Day called Streaming Up From Boston, and was watched more than 13 million times, raising $60,000 for the city of Boston’s Boston Resiliency Fund.

We can't think of a safer and more fun to do on Friday night, May 29th, and thank everyone involved for putting this together and pulling it off for both Red Sox and rock fans worldwide!

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