The ice skating rink is open for business!  Well, it's free.  So, maybe there really isn't any "business."  We bad.

It's that time of the year again to strap on the skates, whether they be figure or hockey, and hit the ice for a little bit of outdoor winter fun in Ellsworth.

Yesterday, the organizers of the Ellsworth Ice  Rink at Knowlton Park  informed us that the Rink is now officially long as the ice stays frozen.  Keep up with the current conditions by liking the Rink's Facebook page.

We can't thank the guys and gals who put the Rink together every year for the citizens of Ellsworth and the surrounding areas.  Whether you're out there and on the Rink to get a little bit of exercise or just for a little family fun, skating is a very cool thing...or, maybe frozen thing to do!


Skating at the Ellsworth Ice Rink is free and open to the public from dusk to dawn, and the Rink is located within Knowlton Park which is just off State Street in Ellsworth.  There's plenty of parking there and if the kids need something to do while mom and dad are on the Rink, there's plenty of playground equipment to hang off of.

So whether you're an aspiring Peggy Fleming (who?) or a Bobby Orr wannbee (who?), the ice is out there and now awaiting you.  Have fun!

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