Oreo is as sweet as the cookie he is named after, but he’s not all cookies and cream.

This week, big greetings come from Oreo, our SPCA of Hancock County Pet of the Week, and a mastiff mix that is probably done growing now that he is 11 months old. He’s already 100 lbs and has no clue how powerful and huge he is, so he is looking for a human willing to commit to training him - bonus points if his future person already has experience with mastiff breeds.

He loves the snow and winter and can be stubborn when it comes to being persuaded to do something he isn’t interested in, such as going back indoors. Chew toys are his favorite, though he also loves tearing apart a good stuffie.

Oreo, SPCA of Hancock County
Oreo, SPCA of Hancock County


Oreo is being rechecked by a vet after testing positive for Lyme disease.

Oreo is simply a big baby who can’t wait to have a human of his own to protect and love.  If you're interested in this boy, then please make an appointment to meet with him!

The SPCA of Hancock County serves EllsworthMount Desert Island and beyond, and is still operating by appointment only for the safety of the animals, as well as visitors and staff. If you are looking to adopt, please check their website where they have an adoption application and the available animals listed. For general inquiries, please call them at 207-667-8088, email info@spcahancockcounty.org, or send them a Facebook message. The shelter is located on Route 3 in Trenton.

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