Emerson Energy Fuels customers received a letter in the mail last week telling them that the company they buy their oil and propane from was now under new ownership.

The owner of Emerson Energy Fuels has decided to retire from the petroleum and service business and has sold to one of the bigger fuel/service organizations in Maine, Dead River Company.

The letter from Emerson essentially informed their customers that things should remain status quo, even with the new owner taking control.  Emerson Energy employees will all be moving over to Dead River, along with current service contracts and customer lists, even the phone #, 667-2923, will remain the same.

Emerson Energy's current location on upper Main Street in Ellsworth will eventually move to the Dead River Company's location on Water Street.

Back in 2012, Dead River Company acquired Webber Energy Fuels, which was another big fuel/service company that once had an office on Main Street in Ellsworth.

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