This is kind of interesting. As we head into the Thanksgiving Holiday you might ask yourself what am I most thankful for? The Facebook Data Science team has put out a chart showing what people are thankful for in the United States. Not surprisingly, people were most thankful for family and friends.  But Facebook also looked at the most distinctive topics for each state—things that came up more often in one state compared to other parts of the country.

In the N.E. we seem to be happy to be by the beach, kinda funny if you ask me.

No surprise some parts of the country were thankful for rain and thunder.

Lot's of American's thankful for God, that was nice.  YouTube and Google also popped up most beloved in some states.

Alaska it appears is mesmerized by the sound of children laughing, and why not.

If you'd like to see the whole map click here. I must confess as much as it taught me about what people are thankful for it also revealed I need to brush up on my geography cause the states aren't labeled.  I put a map with state names above in case you need a reference like I did.