Racked.com is a fashion and lifestyle blog featuring make-up reviews, celebrity profiles, outfit ideas, gift guides, and more for the modern 20 to 30-something woman. The modern woman, whether she's willing to admit it or not, is probably super amped that the new Bachelor season is almost here. Racked.com knows what we want, so they've ranked 2018's Bachelor contestants based on the 'going-out top' they're wearing in their cast headshots.

Among the 29 women ranked is Maine's own Chelsea Roy. She will compete for the final rose from Arie Luyendyk this season, but if the Racked review of her fashion sense is any indication of her play on the show, she won't make it too far.

Do not let Baby Connie Britton fool you: She unfortunately has none of the spunk and pizazz of Actress Connie Britton, starting with this boring oversize red tank top and ending with the fact that she loves “mid-70s sunny weather” and her guiltiest pleasure is that she’s a “sweet tooth!”

Yikes! Kind of harsh. Here's a photo of Connie Britton for comparison. Not sure I see it?

Getty Images

Will you be rooting for Maine's Bachelor contestant this season?