Your binge watching of 'Orange is the New Black' has probably been interrupted a few hundred times to load. I've been close to throwing my remote through my TV a few times. Don't be too quick to blame Netflix, it might not be all their fault.

Netflix pays internet providers to ensure their content loads smoothly across broadband networks. The Federal Communications Commission now wants to see those deals. In a statement FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said he wants 'to understand whether consumers are being harmed.'

The FCC is only collecting information since these deals are beyond their powers. Wheeler said, 'The bottom line is that consumers need to understand what is occurring when the Internet service they’ve paid for does not adequately deliver the content they desire, especially content they’ve also paid for. In this instance, it is about what happens where the ISP connects to the Internet. It’s important that we know -- and that consumers know.'

For now feel comfort in knowing that if your Netflix is slow, you're not alone. I'll be starting up a support group soon.

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