As a bit of a nod to the WORST lead singer pick from this Monday's Wicked Awesome Morning Show informal poll (in case you missed it, it was David Lee Roth) we thought you might enjoy this "Hot For Teacher" Van Halen parody, "Not Your Teacher".

While J. Stew doesn't have little ones he's trying to home-school, I have four of them, and I can tell you this pretty much sums up how I feel sometimes! I'm not proud to admit this, and in fact -- if you could please not tell my elementary school math teachers what I'm about to say ... but I had to YouTube how to do multi-digit multiplication last week. I know ... I should be ashamed ... and I am. My third grader was highly amused at my failings, but I felt that sting to the core of my being. Third grade math. What the...


The Holderness family may live in California, but they are at home, distance learning with their kids, just like everyone else. And they're documenting their gradual descent into madness, as homeschooling parents and folks dealing with Quarantine/COVID-19/social distancing issues, as all of us are, but they're doing it by creating fantastic parodies to keep themselves, and everyone else, amused.

When we played the "Not For Teacher" video on the air this morning, I'm pretty sure our favorite part were the David-Lee-Roth-esque screams ... but you can decide for yourselves.

They say laughter is the best medicine...or at the very least, it takes the edge off. So we offer you a little break from it all, this Monday, with some Quarantine-themed videos from the Holderness Family. Enjoy.

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