Righteous man!

Whatdabargain! Yup, you read it right, Forbes has determined the average price of weed in each state. In New England, Maine has the cheapest marijuana. An ounce of high-quality ganja will set you back $305. Pot goes for $342 in Massachusetts, $351 in New Hampshire and tops out at $367 in Vermont.

North Dakota has the highest cost of pot-per-ounce at $387. Obviously in states where recreational marijuana is legal the price per-ounce is quite a bit lower. Oregon, where weed will officially be legal July 1, has the cheapest pot in all the land at $204.

The national average price is $324.

Forbes got this info from PriceOfWeed.com. A site that allows people to anonymously report the cost of weed (whether purchased in a dispensary or in a dark ally) in their state.

You can see the map here.