An old friend of The Z Morning Show is blowing up on social media!

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of talking every morning with some great people from Channel 5. Todd Simcox has been a big part of The Z Morning Show for many years now, and he isn’t the only one that has been a part of the show.

Chris Lambert and Jared Michaels are two that come to mind. But there is another guy who used to be on the air with us, who has gone viral for a pretty funny weather clip.

Greg Dutra is a meteorologist for ABC 7 in Chicago, which by the way is a pretty good gig. Greg got a nice surprise when he found out the television he was using to do the weather forecast, was in fact, a touchscreen. Turns out that he has been mostly working from home during the pandemic, so he is still getting the hang of things in the studio.

One of his co-workers points this out to him on live television, which is where the best bloopers always come from. Others agree, the clip has over 22,000 views on the ABC 7 Chicago YouTube page.

Greg is a great guy who was always funny on the morning show, and now he is in a major market doing his thing!

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