Later this month, lots of old school laughs are coming to WABI-TV's digital channel 5.3!

Back in the fall of 2015, WABI TV-5, added a third station in addition to the CW channel. "Decades" is a retro TV network with a cool spin, kind of a daily time capsule of popular televison shows from the 1950's to the 1990's, but they are about to tweak their daily lineup quite a bit, starting March 27th.

"Catchy Comedy" will feature a library of classic comedies, with shows from legends like Lucille Ball, Mary Tyler Moore and Carol Burnett.

But they will also air some of the most beloved sitcoms of all-time, inlcuding "Cheers", "All In The Family", "Taxi", "Full House", and "The Brady Bunch"

Once they hit the ground running on Monday, March 27th, this will be their daily schedule:

6:00am – Full House

6:30am – Full House

7:00am – Full House

7:30am – Full House

8:00am- The Brady Bunch

8:30am- The Brady Bunch

9:00am- Family Affair

9:30am- The Donna Reed Show

10:00am – The Carol Burnett Show

11:00am – The Lucy Show

11:30am – The Lucy Show

12:00pm – I Love Lucy

12:30pm – I Love Lucy

1:00pm – The Mary Tyler Moore Show

1:30pm – Rhoda

2:00pm – Laverne & Shirley

2:30pm – Laverne & Shirley

3:00pm – Mama’s Family

3:30pm – Mama’s Family

4:00pm- The Love Boat

5:00pm – The Odd Couple

5:30pm – The Odd Couple

6:00pm – Good Times

6:30pm – Good Times

7:00pm – Sanford and Son

7:30pm – Sanford and Son

8:00pm – All in the Family

8:30pm – All in the Family

9:00pm – Night Court

9:30pm – Night Court

10:00pm – The Dick Van Dyke Show

10:30pm – The Dick Van Dyke Show

11:00pm – Cheers

11:30pm – Cheers

12:00am – Taxi

12:30am – The Bob Newhart Show

1:00am – Newhart

They will also feature "Binge Weekends" of these classic comedy shows!

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