If you didn't think it was serious before...

I was poking around on Reddit this morning, and I can't really say I forgot about Frankie McDonald, but I hadn't seen one of his forecasts in a while. If you don't know who Frankie is, he's an awesome dude from Sydney, Nova Scotia. He's definitely someone we've had on our sites before because he's the coolest weather guy on the internet.

You can have your Keith Carson, Todd Simcox, or even that dude on Channel 2 when we were kids that was 7-feet tall and talked about temps "below the donut". Good old "Too Tall" Tom Szymanski. I would take Frankie's word before all of them, every time.

Frankie tells it like it is.

Frankie reminds you when the weather's going to be bad, to get ALL your necessities in place before the storm hits. Be it milk and bread, or gas up the snowblower, he'll remind you. He'll even suggest you get your Chinese food stash squared away so that you're not left out in the cold. Or in this case, buried under the snow.

And Frankie of course is right. We all should be prepared. I went to Hannaford last night, and the shelves were already getting storm-bare. Never mind the bareness we'd already been experiencing. So he's right, get stocked up ASAP.

As far as his actual forecast? Spot on. Every indication is that here in Maine, we're going to get a good, old-fashioned, hardcore snowstorm. In the Bangor area, we could end up seeing well over a foot of the white stuff. But, for a change, at least it's on a weekend. Most of us won't have to go too far. Maybe the fridge and back.

But, just the same, check out Frankie's forecast yourself, right here...

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