They've certainly had their ups and downs, but it looks like Gene Simmons and his former Kiss bandmate Ace Frehley have enjoyed their recent reunions. In fact, Frehley will join Simmons for a series of upcoming tour dates in Australia.

Those dates, which Simmons announced during a solo Vault Experience show that was captured via the fan-filmed footage you can watch below, follow a spate of appearances with former Kiss members.

Simmons and Frehley ended a 16-year break between stage collaborations last year, and their subsequent reunions have included the first Vault Experience tour date, which also featured Frehley's fellow ex-Kiss vets Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer. The Kulick connection will continue later this year, when Frehley appears with brothers Bruce and Bob at the Indiana Kiss Expo as well as the 2018 Kiss Kruise.

It's all part of what seems to be an era of hatchet-burying for Simmons, whose famously blunt dismissal of some of his former bandmates has taken a recent backseat for recent reunions. In addition to playing with Frehley, Simmons also appeared with former Kiss drummer Peter Criss at a Vault Experience show on March 24; next month, he'll share a Vault appearance bill with ex-Kiss guitarist Vinnie Vincent when the tour comes to Nashville.

For fans who've watched various past and present Kiss members feud over the years, it's encouraging and not a little bit surprising — albeit not as surprising as Simmons' recent decision to join a Canadian cannabis company as their "chief evangelical officer." Although he's always been outspoken about his anti-drug views, Simmons admitted he was "not informed" about the benefits of cannabis, adding, "in the past, I used to dismiss lots of things because of ignorance and arrogance."



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